TruSeal Sealing

Through CMP’s unique design approach, TruSeal provides customers with the widest sealing range on the market for an equivalent cable gland.

The sealing system consists of three circular seals, as well as additional options for non-round cables. It includes a modular two-piece seal that allows customers to seal against two different cable ranges using the same cable gland size.

As the gland is tightened, nylon fingers close in around the seal itself, applying even pressure around the circumference of the cable and making an effective seal against external elements. This method also allows installers to easily control the pressure applied to the cable by the sealing ring.

CMP’s unique design approach means that customers are able to purchase fewer sizes of cable gland, therefore reducing inventory costs and the range of cable glands required.

This reduced direct or indirect cost is not always evident but reducing the number of different line items helps to minimise the risk of material shortages or stock outages which ultimately affects efficiency, productivity and profitability.

An additional benefit of a wide sealing range is that often, for a specified cable, CMP will be able to offer a smaller size of cable gland than the general market.