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On each of the main Cable Gland product pages on the website you will find a Cable Gland selection table which includes the part number; typically of a standard metric product, for ordering purposes. The part number is composed of the CMP size, type number and standard suffix. The default material is normally brass and the thread type is metric. The basic part number would reflect this unless one or more suffixes are added to the part number changing the material or thread type and size, as demonstrated below.

The ordering system shown below is correct for the majority of CMP’s Cable Glands (BW, TMC*, TC, **RC, **FC) use an alternative ordering system, please refer to the individual product page.

A CMP Products size 20 T3CDS Cable Gland in nickel plated brass with a 1/2″ NPT entry thread ordering example is shown.

20 T3CDS1 RA531
Size TypeStandard Suffix I.D.Nickel Plated FinishNPT Entry1⁄2"
Cable Gland Size/TypeDesign Options (if applicable)Supply TypeCMP SuffixMaterialEntry Thread TypeEntry Thread Size ***
PG ††
e.g. 20T3CDSDDeluge Seal1Cable GlandRAStandard Cable Gland0 or **Brass**1A 3⁄8"1⁄2"7
e.g. 40PX2KCCast Integral Earth Lug
2Cable Gland Pack*RA/MGroup I Mining Certified Cable Gland1Aluminium1Imperial Electrical Thread (E.T)1M16½"5⁄8"9
e.g. 50SCWREquipment Interface 'O' Ring Seal  RA/BBrazilian Certified Cable Gland2Nylon2PG2M20¾"¾"11
e.g. 25CXT    RURussian Certified Cable Gland3Mild Steel3NPT3M251"1"13.5
     RDSupplied with Ingress Disc4Stainless Steel4BSPP4M321 ¼"1 ¼"16
     REAlternative cone for smaller diameter SWA5Nickel Plated Brass5NPSM5M401 ½"1 ½"21
     RBAlternative cone for larger diameter SWA  6BSPT6M502"2"29
           7M632 ½"2 ½"36
           9M903 ½"3 ½"48
Quick How to Order
SizeTypeStandard SuffixMaterialThread TypeThread Size

* Cable Gland Packs are available with various accessories included providing either one or two terminations per pack. Please contact CMP for further information.
** No suffix required when brass metric cable glands are ordered. Digit '0' is only applied to brass product when the thread type is other than metric e.g. 20A2F1RA032
*** Other thread sizes available upon request.
† Metric entry thread suffix only applicable to conduit connection cable glands, thread converters and stopper plugs.
†† PG threads are not included in cable gland standard EN 62444 but may be placed on the market in EU for installation refurbishment or replacement.