Product Overview

The CMP Products range of cable cleats is designed, constructed, tested and third party certified in accordance with IEC 61914:2009 to ensure both the safety of personnel and the protection of the cable management system as well the environment it is situated in.

CMP Products continues to design and conduct extensive third party testing of all of its products, as well as offer project specific testing to ensure customer needs are met in full. CMP Products designs and manufactures cable cleats for all applications including single, trefoil, quad, and matrix applications, and it also has the capabilities within its technical department to not only assist with technical queries but also design bespoke products to suit the specialist needs of its clients.

CMP Products offers a range that is both comprehensive and diverse. CMP cable cleats are designed for the use within heavy industrial applications and hazardous locations, as well as the arduous conditions and harsh environments encountered in such places as Railways, Tunnels and Underground, Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical industries.

CMP cable cleats have not only been designed and tested to the latest standards, but they have also been created with a comprehensive understanding of the site installation requirements and issues faced by engineering design contractors and installers alike. Many of the factors which have been taken into account emanate from lessons learned over many years of experience in supplying other cable related products. These considerations include the capability to accommodate a wide range of fluctuating cable diameters, and the general ease of installation which are evident as unique new design features in the CMP cable cleat range.

The CMP cable cleats support cables and conductors, retaining the mechanical load of the cable itself, and reducing the mechanical stress placed on any cable termination. They are tested to ensure they are capable of providing the resistance to electromechanical forces, retaining the mechanical load that the cables and conductors are subjected to when under fault conditions whilst safely maintaining the integrity of the cable.

The CMP cable cleat range is available to suit a variety of support structures including cable ladder, cable tray, basket, channel, masonry or concrete. CMP cable cleats are manufactured from various materials to suit the environmental conditions they may be subjected to.

All CMP cable cleat products are third party tested and certified to IEC 61914:2009 prior to being released into the market as safety is the CMP priority.