Installation codes of practice

CMP Products’ cable glands are designed, manufactured and tested to the most stringent global standards  and in-line with IEC and NEC codes of practice.

Our engineers and technicians are well-respected for their detailed understanding of these codes of practice, which is reflected in the products that we develop and manufacture, as well as the support, advice and training that we provide our customers.

The main installation standards/codes for explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations that relate to CMP Products’ cable glands and accessories are shown below:

  • IEC & EN 62444: Cable glands for electrical installations (Industrial standard to precede IEC & EN 60079 requirements)
  • IEC 60079: Explosive Atmospheres (Parts 0, 1, 7, 11, 14, 15, 17, 31 etc)
  • IEC 61892: Mobile and fixed offshore units
  • IEC 60092: Electrical installations in ships
  • NFPA 70 / National Electric Code (NEC), Article 500  (class/divisions); Article 505 (class/zone)
  • API recommended practices API RP 14F and API RP 14FZ
  • Canadian Electric Code (CEC), Section 18 (Hazardous Locations)
  • NORSOK Standards E-001, I-001, Z010

Further detailed information along with a comparison between NEC and IEC standards can be found in our online technical manual available to customers on request.

It should be noted that the mixing of IEC and NEC standards is not permitted and that further local or national codes of practice, regulations or standards may also exist to which installers must adhere.

Given CMP Products’ global approach to design and manufacturing, we are confident that where installed correctly, our cable glands and accessories will comply with all of the above, however our technical service personnel and development engineers will be able to provide any specific advice on standards and installation that you may have.