Sealing Performance

The continuing technical integrity of installations requires significant attention to detail in sealing ring suitability, reliability and functional performance. Three things that can affect this performance include the choice of materials, cable sealing design, and an effective and validated testing programme. Examples of testing include thermal endurance, ingress protection and cable anchorage, twist and pull out resistance tests. CMP Products has excelled in this process and offers the widest temperature rating of any standard cable gland (-60°C to +130°C), CMP Products Cable Glands are 3rd party certified to IEC 62444, IEC 60079, UL 514B and are included in the London Underground register of products. This allows customers to make selection decisions safe in the knowledge that nothing has been left to chance.

The unique CMP Products Seal Tightening Guides (STG) shown below allows the user to determine the number of turns that should be applied to the sealing ring, in order to ensure the correct installation is achieved. The STG also has the added feature of verifying the recommended cable gland size for the section of cable to be used.

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