CMP Outer Seal Tightening Guides

In order to ensure the integrity of the cable system, cable glands must not be over-tightened, so in addition to our metal-to-metal tightening solution for the armour termination process, CMP Products has also developed a simple, disposable outer seal tightening guide (OSTG) to help protect and preserve the end of the cable.

The OSTG is simply looped around the outer sheath of the cable at the point of installation and displays both the correct cable gland size for the cable; and the number of turns of a spanner required to seal the cable gland without over-tightening.

The number of ‘spanner turns’ should be applied from the point where the sealing ring is relaxed, but in contact with the adjacent metal component.

It should also be noted that when installing armoured cables – where verification of the diameter of the inner bedding is critical – it would still be necessary to measure that dimension under the armour after stripping any other cable layers back in addition to the outer sheath and the armour.

This simple OSTG solution is used widely across the world and is available free of charge to our customers.