TruSeal EMC Connectivity

TruSeal EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) cable glands type TSZ provide optimum noise attenuation performance in terms of protecting the connected equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI), by providing high integrity continuity of the cable shielding. This solution can be reliably used with shielded cables having either a metallic braid or a metallic tape screen.

Electromagnetic interference, or radiated emissions can have a negative impact on the performance of the cable and equipment, and a point of vulnerability in any system is often the cable entry. CMP Truseal EMC cable glands help to protect the equipment from the possibility of malfunction caused by radiated emissions; this is sometimes achieved by securing the metallic braid screen between a metallic cone and clamping ring. The CMP type TSZ cable gland employs a simpler and quicker installation method, using a low impedance 360° circumferential metallic continuity component inside the cable gland, to reliably ground the cable shield / screen.

EMC 2004/108/EC

The EMC Directive requires that products must not generate unwanted electromagnetic pollution, or interference, and that products must be immune to a reasonable amount of noise pollution or interference. EMC testing is required to be carried out on all electrical products to ensure that they neither cause electromagnetic interference nor are susceptible to it. Using CMP cable glands that have been fully tested for EMC performance, will make a significant contribution to the overall EMC of the installation.