Safety Presentation Videos

Safety on-site at CMP Products

The safety of our employees and visitors is the number one priority for CMP. To help ensure that everyone understands the procedures that we have in place and able to follow these easily and effectively; we have devised three COVID-19 induction videos.

The first video is an extension of our existing safety video which must be viewed by visitors and contractors, before entering or operating onsite.

We have also provided a detailed QHSE video, as part of our Integrated Management System, which describes the steps taken to ensure that everyone remains safe. This video describes the information that we are sharing and recording in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Further to this, we are ensuring that every employee has a clear understanding of what they must do to ensure that we continue to operate safely and continue to halt any current or future spread of the virus. This applies to any new employees or those returning to our site after a significant period away.