E1W CIEL | Industrial Cable Gland For all types of Steel & Aluminium Wire Armoured Cables

Double Seal Industrial Cast Integral Earth Lug Cable Gland

• External earth connection
• IThird party short circuit tested
• Metal-to-metal armour clamping
• Direct & remote installation
• Permanently crimped, low impedance earth termination
• Secure against self-loosening
• Displacement type inner seal
• Controlled outer ‘load retention’ seal
• Unique OSTG prevents overtightening
• Deluge protection option
• -60°C to +130°C
• Superior EMC performance

Note: The Symmetrical Fault Current (kA) rating for 1 second applicable to the Cast Integral Earth Lug featured in the E1W CIEL products are as follows:
• 26.0 kA for Cable Gland sizes up to 40
• 43.0 kA for Cable Gland sizes 50S and above.

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Design Specification BS 6121:Part 1:1989, IEC 62444, EN 62444
Mechanical Classifications* Impact = Level 8, Retention = Class D
Enclosure Protection IK10 to IEC 62262 (20 joules) Brass & Stainless Steel only
Electrical Classifications* Category C
GOST R Certificate POCC.GB.HA46.H00140
Ingress Protection Rating ** IP66 as standard (IP67, IP68 available upon request)
Cable Gland Material Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminium
Seal Material CMP Thermoset Rubber
Cable Type Single Wire Armour (SWA), Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA)
Armour Clamping Detachable Armour Cone & AnyWay Universal Clamping Ring
Sealing Technique CMP Inner Displacement Seal & Unique CMP ‘LRS’ TM Outer Load Retention Seal
Sealing Area(s) Cable Inner Bedding & Outer Cable Sheath
Optional Accessories Locknuts, Earth Tags, Serrated Washers, Entry Thread Seals, Shrouds,Ingress Discs
Optional Installation Tools Spanners, Armour Former Tool

Note : * Mechanical & Electrical Classifications applied as per IEC 62444 & EN 62444
** Refer to Maintaining a Seal for further information on Ingress Protection Ratings

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Cable Gland SizeAvailable Entry Threads "C" (Alternate Metric Thread Lengths Available)Cable Bedding Diameter "A"Overall Cable Diameter "B"Armour RangeAcross Flats "D"Across Corners "D"Protrusion Length "F"Nominal Radius DimensionCIEL Earth Bolt SizeEarth Fault Current Rating (kA)Combined Ordering Reference (*Brass Metric)Cable Gland Weight (Kgs)
MetricThread Length (Metric) "E"NPTThread Length (Metric) "E"NPTMinMaxMinMaxminMaxMaxMax"H""G"SizeTypeOrdering Suffix
32M320.391'0.981 ¼'0.671.030.931.330.060.081.811.993.391.632.13M1026.032E1WC1RA17.85
40M400.591 ¼'1.011 ½'0.871.261.101.590.
50SM500.591 ½'1.032'1.161.501.391.840.080.102.362.603.582.252.94M1243.050SE1WC1RA31.15
50M500.592'1.062 ½'1.401.731.592.
63SM630.592'1.062 ½'1.581.961.802.340.080.102.953.254.022.763.56M1243.063SE1WC1RA57.71
63M630.592 ½'1.573'1.862.202.152.590.
75SM750.592 ½'1.573'2.082.442.322.830.080.103.543.904.533.003.88M1243.075SE1WC1RA81.48
75M750.593'1.633 ½'2.332.672.633.
90M900.943 ½'1.694'2.623.093.003.560.120.164.504.955.793.755.00M1243.090E1WC1RA155.81
Dimensions displayed in millimeters unless otherwise stated
Cable Gland SizeAvailable Entry Threads "C" (Alternate Metric Thread Lengths Available)Cable Bedding Diameter "A"Overall Cable Diameter "B"Armour RangeAcross Flats "D"Across Corners "D"Protrusion Length "F"Nominal Radius DimensionCIEL Earth Bolt SizeEarth Fault Current Rating (kA)Combined Ordering Reference (*Brass Metric)Cable Gland Weight (Kgs)
MetricThread Length (Metric) "E"NPTThread Length (Metric) "E"NPTMinMaxMinMaxminMaxMaxMax"H""G"SizeTypeOrdering Suffix
32M3210.01"25.01 ¼"
40M4015.01 ¼"25.61 ½"
50SM5015.01 ½"26.12"29.538.
50M5015.02"26.92 ½"35.644.040.453.02.02.570.
63SM6315.02"26.92 ½"40.149.945.659.42.02.575.082.5102.070.090.5M1243.063SE1WC1RA1.636
63M6315.02 ½"39.93"47.255.954.665.82.02.580.088.0104.070.090.5M1243.063E1WC1RA1.597
75SM7515.02 ½"39.93"52.861.959.
75M7515.03"41.53 ½"59.167.966.778.42.53.0100.0110.0117.082.6108.0M1243.075E1WC1RA2.717
90M9024.03 ½"42.84"66.678.676.
Dimensions displayed in millimeters unless otherwise stated

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Additional Information

Ingress Protection to IEC 60529

Ingress Protection is applicable to all types of electrical and instrument enclosures, as well as cable glands, and is commonly abbreviated to ‘IP’ with additional digits which follow this abbreviation to define the level of environmental protection.

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The Galvanic Series

A set of values has been given to a series of metals and alloys in terms of their relative nobility, or ability to resist corrosion, whilst immersed in sea water. In other situations, where materials are not immersed, but are exposed to atmospheric contaminants, their status will be largely dependent upon the environment in which they are located.

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Cable Construction

One of the common assumptions when evaluating cables is that the cable will meet the defined IEC 60079-14 requirements and also be compact and circular. At the same time, the surface of the cable bedding may be assumed to be relatively smooth and consistent with the cable outer sheath. In fact this may be the case with some cables, but cables that are manufactured using particularly soft bedding materials, having a low tensile strength, offer a completely different surface finish. This is due to the fact that when cables are produced in high volume facilities, speed is of the essence in order to keep the unit costs down.

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