Earth Tags Accessories for cable glands, available in brass, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel plated brass

CMP slip-on Earth Tags, installed between the Cable Gland and equipment, provide an earth bond connection as specified in BS6121:Part 5:1993 and comply with category B rating specified in IEC 62444. CMP Earth Tags have been independently short circuit tested to verify their suitability under specified service conditions. A copy of the test report is available upon request and is an important factor when selecting earth tags from any manufacturer, as without this the safety of installations may be compromised.

Stainless steel, aluminium and nickel plated brass earth tags are also available. Please refer to ordering reference numbers, e.g. 20ET4 for M20 Stainless Steel Earth Tag, 050NPTET4 for 1/2” NPT Stainless Steel Earth Tag.

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Metric Ordering Reference (Brass)Reference Diameter "'A'"Minimum ThicknessNominal Diameter '"C'"Hole Size '"D'"Nominal Length '"E"'Nominal Centres '"F"'NPT Ordering Reference (Brass)Reference Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessNominal Diameter '"C'"Hole Size "'D"'Nominal Length '"E"Nominal Centres '"F"'
16ETM160.0511.000M61.9841.189050NPTET1/2' NPT0.0511.067M62.0831.303
20ETM200.0511.067M62.0591.303075NPTET3/4' NPT0.0591.382M62.3311.402
25ETM250.0591.382M62.3311.402100NPTET1' NPT0.0591.780M123.0311.697
32ETM320.0591.780M123.0311.697125NPTETT 1 1/4' NPT0.0592.114M133.4921.787
40ETM400.0592.114M133.4921.787150NPTET1 1/2' NPT0.0592.567M134.3782.287
50ETM500.0592.567M134.3782.287200NPTET2' NPT0.0593.252M135.0672.630
63ETM630.0593.252M135.0672.630250NPTET2 1/2' NPT0.0593.756M135.5712.874
75ETM750.0593.756M135.5712.874300NPTET3' NPT0.0794.488M136.3393.346
90ETM900.0794.496M136.3393.346350NPTET3 1/2' NPT0.0794.921M137.6694.055
All dimensions shown in inches unless otherwise stated
Metric Ordering Reference (Brass)Reference Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessNominal Diameter '"C'"Hole Size '"D'"Nominal Length '"E'"Nominal Centres "'F'"NPT Ordering Reference (Brass)Reference Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessNominal Diameter '"C'"Hole Size '"D"'Nominal Length "'E"Nominal Centres '"F"'
16ETM161.325.4M650.430.2050NPTET1/2' NPT1.327.1M652.933.1
20ETM201.327.1M652.333.1075NPTET3/4' NPT1.535.1M659.235.6
25ETM251.535.1M659.235.6100NPTET1' NPT1.545.2M1277.043.1
32ETM321.545.2M1277.043.1125NPTET1 1/4' NPT1.553.7M1388.745.4
40ETM401.553.7M1388.745.4150NPTET1 1/2' NPT1.565.2M13111.258.1
50ETM501.565.2M13111.258.1200NPTET2' NPT1.582.6M13128.766.8
63ETM631.582.6M13128.766.8250NPTET2 1/2' NPT1.595.4M13141.573.0
75ETM751.595.4M13141.573.0300NPTET3' NPT2.0114.0M13161.085.0
90ETM902.0114.2M13161.085.0350NPTET3 1/2' NPT2.0125.0M13194.8103.0
All dimensions shown in millimetres unless otherwise stated
Additional Information

Installation Accessories

Depending upon the specific form of protection of the main equipment it may be necessary (and often advisable) to fit a sealing washer at the cable entry interface to maintain the appropriate Ingress Protection level of the enclosure. For Increased Safety (Ex e) equipment, or Increased Safety terminal chambers included in Ex de (or Ex db eb) equipment, a sealing washer is recommended to maintain the minimum ingress protection rating, and should always be fitted.

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Threaded Cable Entries into Enclosure Walls of Different Thicknesses

When cable entries are required to be installed on equipment which is provided with threaded entries, careful consideration should be given to the depth of the entry holes. If the hole depth in the equipment exceeds the length of threads in the cable entry there may be a risk of damage to the cables as they enter the enclosure. For example, some electric motors have a wall thickness of 20.0mm or more at the gland plate or cable entry point. In that case, where the cable passes through a threaded hole into a metal enclosure which has walls thicker than the length of the cable entry device, care must be taken to avoid damaging the cable on the exposed threads (Figure 110.).

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Typical Installation Configurations

The illustrations provided below are indicative of some of the common methods of installation configurations adopted. These are for informative guidance only and relevant site conditions along with any specified National or International codes of practice must always take precedence. The accessories available offer a wide, flexible approach in mounting, sealing and earthing connection provision. Selection and installation according to the Engineering Specification may vary from these illustrations.

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Visit our Knowledge Base for technical expertise and advice, gathered over CMP's 60+ years' experience in the art of terminating cable glands.

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