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Cable Gland Locknuts Accessories for cable glands, available in brass, zinc plated mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel

Brass cable gland locknuts: Recommended in securing brass Cable Glands and Accessories to a gland plate or into equipment. In metric thread form CMP offers brass locknuts in a choice of standard duty and heavy duty options for sizes up to and including M32. The part numbers are distinguished by an additional letter H, e.g. 20LN = standard duty, and 20HLN = heavy duty. From size M40 all brass metric locknuts are considered to be heavy duty.

Zinc Plated Mild Steel cable gland locknuts: A cost effective alternative to brass locknuts and should be used only in dry, low humidity conditions.

Aluminium cable gland locknuts: Recommended when installing aluminium Cable Glands to prevent the galvanic corrosion which can occur when dissimilar metals are coupled together.

Stainless Steel cable gland locknuts: Corrosion resistant with increased strength at high temperatures.

Please refer to ordering reference numbers, e.g. 20LN4 for M20 Stainless Steel Locknut, 050NPTLN4 for 1/2” NPT Stainless Steel Locknut.

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Ordering Reference (Brass)Thread Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessAcross Flats Dimension "'B'"Across Corners Diameter '"C'"Ordering Reference (Brass)Thread Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessThickness Across Flats Dimension '"B'"Across Corners Diameter '"C"'
16LNM16 X 1.50.1260.8661.000050NPTLN1/2"' NPT0.1891.0631.228
16HLNM16 X 1.50.1970.8661.000075NPTLN3/4"' NPT0.1891.2991.500
20LNM20 X 1.50.1260.9451.091100NPTLN1"' NPT0.1891.6141.862
20HLNM20 X 1.50.1970.9451.091125NPTLN1 1/4"' NPT0.1891.9692.272
25LNM25 X 1.50.1261.1811.362150NPTLN1 1/2"' NPT0.1972.3622.728
25HLNM25 X 1.50.1971.1811.362200NPTLN2'" NPT0.1972.9533.488
32LNM32 X 1.50.1261.4171.638250NPTLN2 1/2'" NPT0.3943.3073.819
32HLNM32 X 1.50.1971.4171.638300NPTLN3"' NPT0.3943.9374.547
40LNM40 X 1.50.1891.8112.091350NPTLN3 1/2"' NPT0.4414.5005.197
50LNM50 X 1.50.2482.1652.500-----
63LNM63 X 1.50.2482.7563.181-----
75LNM75 X 1.50.2483.3073.819-----
90LNM90 X 2.00.3744.1734.819-----
100LNM100 X 2.00.3744.8435.591-----
All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise stated
Metric Ordering Reference (Brass)Thread Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessAcross Flats Dimension "'B"'Across Corners Diameter '"C'"NPT Ordering Reference (Brass)Thread Diameter '"A'"Minimum ThicknessThickness Across Flats Dimension "'B'"Across Corners Diameter "'C"'
16LNM16 X"' NPT4.827.031.2
16HLNM16 X"' NPT4.833.038.1
20LNM20 X"' NPT4.841.047.3
20HLNM20 X 1/4'" NPT4.850.057.7
25LNM25 X 1/2"' NPT5.060.069.3
25HLNM25 X"' NPT5.075.088.6
32LNM32 X 1/2"' NPT10.084.097.0
32HLNM32 X"' NPT10.0100.0115.5
40LNM40 X 1.54.846.053.1350NPTLN3 1/2"' NPT11.2114.3132.0
50LNM50 X 1.56.355.063.5-----
63LNM63 X 1.56.370.080.8-----
75LNM75 X 1.56.384.097.0-----
90LNM90 X 2.09.5106.0122.4-----
100LNM100 X 2.09.5123.0142.0-----
All dimensions shown are in millimetres unless otherwise stated