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Triton CDS (T3CDS-US) | Class I, Div 2 | AEx e, AEx d, AEx nR, AEx ta | Hazardous Location Cable Gland For all types of Armoured Cables

Triton CDS Globally Approved, Hazardous (Classified) Location Cable Gland

• Fully sequential, three step installation procedure
• Reduces installation times, cost & risk
• Direct & remote installation
• Unique compensating displacement seal system (CDS)
– Metal-to-metal installation every time regardless of cable diameter
• Designed to reduce the effects of Coldflow
• Integral protected deluge seal
• Controlled outer ‘load retention’ seal
• Unique OSTG prevents overtightening
• -76?F to 266?F (standard), -4?F to 392?F (ThermEx option T3CDSHT)
• Class I Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22 Class I Division 2 ABCD
• Globally marked, UL, cCSAus, IECEx & ATEX
• As standard in nickel plated brass with NPT thread form

† Grooved Cone (X) is predominantly used for Wire Braid (e.g. GSWB, TCWB), Steel Tape Armour (STA, DSTA) and Aluminium Strip Armour (ASA) but is also suitable for Single Wire Armour (SWA), Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA) and Pliable Wire Armour (PWA) if the range is outside that of the Stepped Cone (W).

Note: Grooved Cone (X) dimensions shown in the Cable Gland Selection Table below are for a double wire strand of braid armour cables. Tapes can also be doubled over. For cables that have only a single layer of armour such as SWA the clamping range should be used as shown in the table below.

Stepped (W) Cone is suitable for Single Wire Armour (SWA), or Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA) cables.

For under / oversized armour wires click here

Design SpecificationBS 6121:Part 1:1989, IEC 62444, EN 62444
Mechanical Classifications*Impact = Level 8, Retention = Class D
Enclosure ProtectionIK10 to IEC 62262 (20 joules) Brass & Stainless Steel only
Electrical Classifications *Category B (Category A when used with braid, tape or pliable wire armour cables)
ATEX CertificateSIRA13ATEX1073X
Code of Protection II 2G,II 1D, Ex d IIC Gb, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex ta IIIC Da,
II 3G Ex nR IIC Gc, I M2, Ex d I Mb, Ex e I Mb
Compliance StandardsEN60079-0,1,7,15,31
IECEx CertificateIECEx SIR 13.0028X
IECEx SIM 14.0007X
Code of ProtectionEx d IIC Gb, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex nR IIC Gc, Ex ta IIIC Da, Ex d I Mb, Ex e I Mb
Compliance StandardsIEC 60079-0,1,7,15,31
cCSAus Certificate (20s16 - 90)1310517
CSAus Code of ProtectionClass I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C and D, Class II, Div 2, Groups E,F and G, Class III,
Enclosure Type 3, 4 and 4X, Class I, Zone 1, AEx e II, AEx nR II
cCSA Code of ProtectionClass I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C and D, Class II, Div 2, Groups E,F and G, Class III,
Enclosure Type 3, 4 and 4X, Ex d IIC, Ex e IIC, Ex nR II
Compliance StandardsCAN/CSA-C22.2 No 0, 18, 25, 30, 94, 174, CAN/CSA-E60079-0, 1, 7, ANSI/UL 514B Ed 5, ANSI/UL 50 Ed 11, ANSI/UL 2225 Ed 4, UL60079-0,1,7
UL Certificate (20s16 - 90)E200163
Code of ProtectionClass I, Zone 1, AEx e II
Compliance StandardsUL514B
EAC Certificate (Formerly GOST R, K & B)C-GB.AA87.B.00487
NEPSI CertificateGYJ13.1141X , GYJ13.1283X
CCOE / PESO (India) CertificateP333688
INMETRO CertificateTÜV 11.0374X
RETIE Certificate03866
Marine ApprovalsLRS: 01/00172, DNV: TAE000000Y, ABS: 14-LD234401A-4-PDA, BV: 43180/A1
Ingress Protection Rating**IP66, IP67 & IP68
Deluge Protection ComplianceDTS01 : 91
NEMA Rating**NEMA 4X**
Cable Gland MaterialElectroless Nickel Plated Brass, Copper Free (<0.4%) Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Seal MaterialCMP SOLO LSF Halogen Free Thermoset Elastomer
Cable TypeSteel / Served Wire Armour (SWA), Aluminium Wire Armour (AWA), Pliable Wire Armour (PWA), Steel Tape Armour (STA), Aluminium Strip Armour (ASA), Screened Flexible (EMC) Wire Braid (e.g. CY/SY), Wire Braid Armour (e.g. SWB)
Armour ClampingReversible Armour Cone & AnyWay Universal Clamping Ring
Sealing TechniqueInner Bedding Sealing Ring: Compensating Displacement Seal (CDS), Outer
Sheath Sealing Ring : Load Retention Seal (LRS)
Sealing Area(s)Cable Inner Bedding & Outer Cable Sheath
Optional AccessoriesLocknuts, Earth Tags, Serrated Washers, Entry Thread Seals, Shrouds,Ingress Discs
Optional Installation ToolsSpanners, Armour Former Tool

* Mechanical & Electrical Classifications applied as per IEC 62444 & EN 62444
**When CMP installation accessories are used. Refer to maintaining a seal for further information.
***IP68 tested to a minimum depth of 30 metres for 12 hours, alternate depths / durations can be provided upon request.


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Product Selection Table

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Technical Illustration

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Cable Gland SizeAvailable Entry Threads ?C?Minimum Thread Length ?E?Cable Bedding Diameter
Overall Cable Diameter ?B?Armor Range ?Across Flats ?D?Across Corners ?D?Protrusion Length ?F?Combined Ordering Reference
(*Nickel Plated Brass NPT)
Gland Weight (Ozs)
MinMaxMinMaxMinMaxMinMaxMaxMaxSizeTypeOrdering Suffix
321?1 ¼?M320.980.671.030.931.340.
401 ¼?1 ½?M401.010.871.261.101.590.
50S1 ½?2?M501.031.161.501.391.840.
502?2 ½?M501.061.401.731.592.
63S2?2 ½?M631.061.581.971.802.340.
632 ½?3?M631.571.862.202.152.590.
75S2 ½?3?M751.572.082.442.322.840.
753?3 ½?M751.632.332.672.633.
903 ½?4?M901.692.623.093.003.560.
1003 ½?4?M1001.692.993.583.393.990.
Dimensions displayed in inches unless otherwise stated
Cable Gland SizeAvailable Entry Threads ?C?Minimum Thread Length ?E?Cable Bedding Diameter
Overall Cable Diameter ?B?Armor Range ?Across Flats ?D?Across Corners ?D?Protrusion Length ?F?Combined Ordering Reference
(*Nickel Plated Brass NPT)
Gland Weight (Kgs)
Grooved Cone
Stepped Cone (W)
MinMaxMinMaxMinMaxMinMaxMaxMaxSizeTypeOrdering Suffix
321?1 ¼?M3224.917.026.223.634.
401 ¼?1 ½?M4025.722.132.027.940.
50S1 ½?2?M5026.229.538.135.346.
502?2 ½?M5026.935.643.940.453.
63S2?2 ½?M6326.940.150.045.759.
632 ½?3?M6339.947.255.954.665.
75S2 ½?3?M7539.952.862.058.972.
753?3 ½?M7541.459.267.866.878.
903 ½?4?M9042.966.578.576.
1003 ½?4?M10042.975.990.986.1101.
Dimensions in millimeters unless otherwise stated