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How to Order - Quadplex

1. Identify ladder type (refer to line drawings in section below):

Cable Cleat Ladder Type

1. Rung Dimension CodesRung B
Rung ARung BRung CRung D
WidthInches 2.125"2.125"1"1.625"

Ladder types shown are typical examples, if you have a different type please contact CMP directly. Bespoke sizes available on request.

2. Identify required cleat size (refer to cable cleat selection table).

2. QPSS Ordering Codes
Quad Cable Ø Range TakeQuad Part No. Rung ARung BRung CRung D
17.5 - 20.519QPSS-19-AQPSS-19-BQPSS-19-CQPSS-19-D
19.5 - 22.521QPSS-21-AQPSS-21-BQPSS-21-CQPSS-21-D
22.5 - 25.524QPSS-24-AQPSS-24-BQPSS-24-CQPSS-24-D
24.5 - 27.526QPSS-26-AQPSS-26-BQPSS-26-CQPSS-26-D
34.5 - 37.536QPSS-36-AQPSS-36-BQPSS-36-CQPSS-36-D
36.6 - 39.538QPSS-38-AQPSS-38-BQPSS-38-CQPSS-38-D
40.5 - 43.542QPSS-42-AQPSS-42-BQPSS-42-CQPSS-42-D
54.5 - 57.556QPSS-56-AQPSS-56-BQPSS-56-CQPSS-56-D
56.5 - 59.5 58QPSS-58-AQPSS-58-BQPSS-58-CQPSS-58-D