Venus Quad Cable Cleat (QPSS) Quadruplex Cable, Metal Cable Cleats

The Venus Quad Cable Cleat (QPSS) are metallic cable cleats which have been designed, constructed, and tested in accordance with the International Standard ‘cable cleats for Electrical Installations’ IEC 61914 to ensure the securing and retention of cables, without sustaining damage to the cable.

The range is fabricated from 316L stainless steel, giving it high creep strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments.

The cleat has one M8 coach bolt fixing hole integrated into the C-Clamp allowing versatility to the installer during installation.

Liners come as standard which help to restrain the cable(s) within vertical applications. Where thermal elongation of cables occurs, the liner also provides a layer of protection between the cable sheath and the cable cleat during normal operation. This additional layer protects the cable from chafing on any mounting surface due to differential movements such as those found in marine and offshore applications. The liners also assist in the extra protection of cable(s) in the event of short circuit fault conditions. The standard liners supplied are classified as Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free.

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Quad Formation
Two short circuits
300mm fixed cleat
Two short circuits
600mm fixed cleat
One short circuit
600mm fixed cleat
Two short circuits
600mm fixed
cleat centres with
0.1 sec0.1 sec1 sec0.1 sec
135kA Peak79.5kA Peak62kA Peak100kA Peak
61.3kA r.m.s37.8kA r.m.s29.5kA r.m.s47.6kA r.m.s
Type 6.1.3 Composite QPSS - Standard Duty Stainless Steel
Design Specification IEC 61914
Temperature for permanent application -60°C to +60°C
IEC 61914 clause 6.2
Needle Flame Test Pass - 120 second flame application time
IEC 61914 clause 10.0, 10.1, IEC 60695-11-5
Lateral Load Test Refer to CMP Products, IEC 61914 clause 9.3
Axial Load Test Refer to CMP Products, IEC 61914 clause 9.4
Impact Resistance Pass - Very heavy
IEC 61914 clause 6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2
Material 316L Stainless Steel with Standard Liners
Standard liners are classified as Low Smoke & Fume
(LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free
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Product Selection Table

Quad Part No.Quad Plex Ø Range 'A' (inch)Cleat Width 'B' (inch)Cleat Depth 'C' (inch)Weight (oz)Fixing Hole Ø
Min ØMax Ø
QPSS-190.6172950.807087051.200788051.318898356.5962381 x M8
QPSS-210.6878430.885827251.279528251.318898356.702061 x M8
QPSS-240.7936651.003937551.397638551.318898356.8431561 x M8
QPSS-260.8642131.082677751.476378751.318898357.1253481 x M8
QPSS-361.2169531.476378751.870079751.318898357.6191841 x M8
QPSS-381.29102841.555118951.948819951.318898357.6897321 x M8
QPSS-421.4285971.712599351.988190051.318898357.6897321 x M8
QPSS-561.9224332.263780752.657481752.1063003510.229461 x M8
QPSS-581.9929812.342520952.736221952.1063003510.3352821 x M8
QPSS-602.0635292.421261152.814962152.1063003510.4411041 x M8
Quad Part No. Quad Plex Ø Range 'A' (mm)Cleat Width 'B' (mm)Cleat Depth 'C' (mm) Weight (g)Fixing Hole Ø
Min ØMax Ø
QPSS-1917.520.530.533.51871 x M8
QPSS-2119.522.532.533.51901 x M8
QPSS-2422.525.535.533.51941 x M8
QPSS-2624.527.537.533.52021 x M8
QPSS-3634.537.547.533.52161 x M8
QPSS-3836.639.549.533.52181 x M8
QPSS-4240.543.550.533.52181 x M8
QPSS-5654.557.567.553.52901 x M8
QPSS-5856.559.569.553.52931 x M8
QPSS-6058.561.571.553.52961 x M8

Technical Illustration