Robotics & Automation

Robotics and industrial automation is one of the fastest growing industries of today. CMP has a wide range of products to fit a range of robotic machines and automation technology.

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  • Complex Applications
  • Reduce Costly Downtimes
  • In-House Experience

Robotics is the new industrial revolution

Robotic and automation lines are evolving with increasing complexity. Our range of products can be adapted to fit the complex needs of your installation.

We know that efficiency is paramount in the robotic and automation industry

Any downtimes can significantly impact your ability to plan and run to schedule.

Our products are secure and reliable, helping to avoid any costly downtime and ensure you can maintain a productive workflow.

Through our own in-house automation team, we  understand the needs of the industry

Our in-house team has developed robotic and automation lines used within our manufacturing sites, through this we understand the various cabling requirements and scenarios experienced within the industry.


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