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Thursday, 7 January 2016

6-Sigma Programme Drives Quality for CMP Products

CMP Products has accelerated its 2016 drive on quality with the launch of an intensive ‘Lean 6 Sigma’ campaign, as it builds on a long-established reputation for quality and reliability.

CMP Lean Six Sigma Quality Drive

The UK-based manufacturer is aiming to have 60% of its employees trained in the Lean Six Sigma programme, with over 300 projects to be completed within the next 5 years in a drive to stay ahead of the market.

The company has already saved hundreds of thousands of pounds with an initial round of 12 projects; and with such a successful start, the incentive is set to have a significant positive impact on the business as the programme is rolled out across the business.

The driving force behind the initiative is the CMP’s recently appointed Director of Quality, Francisco Dominguez; his appointment in March 2015 extending the leadership team to support CMP’s growth strategy. As well as over 10 years’ global experience in quality, Francisco is a master black-belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Francisco Dominguez, Director of Quality said:

“Lean Six Sigma is a world class business philosophy, which will help us to elevate our business beyond our already exemplary high standards of quality. Lean Six Sigma forms one of the pillars of our newly implemented quality strategy, which in turn focuses on providing development opportunities for our people.

“With increased pressure in the our markets, the bar for quality standards is set higher than ever before, so CMP Products has a clear commitment to sustainable improvement and exceptional, high standards.”

The quality strategy has been supported by the growth of Francisco’s department, expanding to a strong team of 12.

Vincent Patterson, CEO of CMP Products said:

“The globally recognised Lean Six Sigma programme will provide CMP Products with the important framework for improving quality and service to our customers, whilst Francisco and our expanded quality team will ensure that we deliver on our promise. This latest investment in our people and our systems will play a pivotal role in CMP’s success over the coming months and years.”

The Lean Six Sigma initiative is just one of many new projects underway as part of CMP’s quality drive. These projects range from initiative
s to improve supplier relations, to tackling environmental issues; with the company recently installing its own effluent plant to treat chemical waste in-house, helping to achieve Quality standards such as ISO14001.