TSPe Ex | Ex eb, Ex ta | Strain Relief Plastic Cable Gland For all types of Unarmoured & Braided / Screened Cables

The TSPe Ex polymer strain relief range of cable glands are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres with unarmoured or braided cable when terminated inside the enclosure, and have a temperature rating of +95°c to -60°c.

With the widest cable sealing range on the market, the TSPe Ex reduces the number of different sized cable glands required for projects, reducing the overall cost.

The TSPe Ex range meets the requirements of well-known cable gland standards including EN 62444 and IEC 62444.

For more specific applications IP68 & IP69X ingress discs or plugs are available.

Features include:

  • Halogen and phosphorus-free
  • Finger-locking seal provides superior cable retention and strain relief
  • Approved to the latest editions of IEC/EN 60079
  • Internationally marked IECEx & ATEX
  • Intrinsically safe (Ex i) blue nut version available
  • 3rd party certified to IEC/EN62444
  • Widest cable range take for any comparable cable gland
  • Low weight with high stiffness and strength
  • Anti-vibration technology prevents gland loosening in operation
  • Transit disc or IP68, IP69 and IP69K rated IP plug options available
  • Approved entry thread sealing washer included
  • For clearance holes the TSPe must be installed using a CMP metallic locknut
    (available with the cable gland using ordering suffix 2TN)

Tightening tools may be required to aid installation. For further information, please click here.

Design Specification IEC 62444, EN 62444 (EN Metric only)
Mechanical Classifications* 12-16 Impact = Level 5, 20-63 Impact = Level 6, Cable Anchorage = Type A
Enclosure Protection 12-16 IK07 to IEC 62262 (4 joules), 20-63 IK08 to IEC 62262 (7 joules)
Ingress Protection Rating** IP66, IP67, IP68**, IP69 & IP69K
Cable Gland Material Halogen-free Polyamide
Seal Material CMP SOLO LSF Halogen-free Thermoset Elastomer
Cable Type Unarmoured & Braided when terminated inside enclosure
Sealing Technique CMP Unique finger-locking type seal
Sealing Area(s) Cable Outer Sheath
ATEX Certificate CML 19ATEX3185X
Compliance Standards EN 60079-0,7,31
Code of Protection II 2G 1D, Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex ta IIIC Da
IECEx Certificate IECEx CML 19.0062X
Compliance Standards IEC 60079-0,7,31
Code of Protection Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex ta IIIC Da
EAC Certificate RU C-GB. AД07.B.02516/20
SANS IA S-XPL21804 21.0014X
Marine Approvals TAE000000Y
CCC Certificate 2020322313003450
CCOE / PESO (India) Certificate Ex e: P533772
ECAS Certificate 24-03-106290/E24-03-110155/NB0007

* Mechanical classifications applied as per IEC/EN 62444
** IP68 tested to 300 kPa for 16 hours (equivalent to 30 metres water depth)

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Dual Seal Available Entry Threads 'C'Overall Cable Diameter 'A' Across Flats 'D'Across Corners 'D'Protrusion Length 'B'
Cable Gland OnlyCable Gland with LocknutMetricThread Length (Metric) 'E'Long Thread Length (Metric) 'E'NPTThread Length (NPT) 'E'MinMaxMaxMax
40DTSPe1TA40DTSPe2TNM4012.018.01 1⁄4”
50DTSPe1TA50DTSPe2TNM5012.018.01 1⁄2”
Standard Seal Available Entry Threads 'C'Overall Cable Diameter 'A'Across Flats 'D'Across Corners 'D'Protrusion Length 'B'
Cable Gland OnlyCable Gland with LocknutMetricThread Length (Metric) 'E'Long Thread Length (Metric) 'E'NPTThread Length (NPT) 'E'MinMaxMaxMax
40STSPe1TA40STSPe2TNM4012.018.01 1⁄4”
40TSPe1TA40TSPe2TNM4012.018.01 1⁄4”
50STSPe1TA50STSPe2TNM5012.018.01 1⁄2”
50TSPe1TA50TSPe2TNM5012.018.01 1⁄2”
For NPT threads add a ‘T’ to the suffix e.g. 16DTSPE1TAT (3⁄8” NPT, black), 40DTSPE1TAT1 (1 1⁄4” NPT, grey (silver))
For long metric threads add an ‘L’ to the suffix e.g. 16DTSPE1TAL (M16, black with 15mm length of entry thread).
Dimensions are displayed in millimetres unless otherwise stated

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Additional Information

Equipment Surface Temperature Classification

Classification of the maximum surface temperature of equipment has been established internationally to create a uniform reference table (unless otherwise specified on equipment selected, the maximum ambient temperature is taken as being 40°C, in line with IEC 60079 Standards). The purpose of the temperature classification is to place equipment into an appropriate category according to its specific thermal properties when exposed to the worst case conditions.

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Equipment Protection Levels (EPLs)

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Risk Assessment Process

In addressing the factors of risk in the explosive atmosphere, a process of risk assessment and risk control should be undertaken to ensure a safe working environment. This process will involve identifying who and what is likely to be at risk of harm, and will include an evaluation of these risks.

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