Fortis (SSCSS) High voltage single / parallel saddle cable cleat

The FORTIS cable support cleat has been designed, constructed and tested in accordance with the international standard IEC 61914 cable cleats for electrical installations; to ensure the securing and retention of cables, without sustaining damage to the cable(s).

Designed to support cables in high voltage applications, the FORTIS allows cable sag between fixed anchor points, where desirable. Sagging cable between fixed anchor points is a method of installation where the cable is allowed to hang between the cleats. This area of excess cable will accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of the cable in service, without putting undue stress on the anchor

The FORTIS adds additional support to the cable at the anchor points, ensuring there is no excessive pressure or point loading to the cable in these critical areas. The system is designed so that the support arm and cleat area can swivel and rotate, allowing flexibility to the installer.

The FORTIS comes in three lengths; 400mm, 600mm and 800mm. This will accommodate larger cable cleat fixing centers, whilst reducing the pressure applied to the cable from its own weight.

The product can be fabricated to suit any installation parameters. Please contact CMP to discuss your specific project requirements.


  • Third party tested in accordance with IEC 61914
  • Highly corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Operating temperature -60°C to +90°C
  • Allows cable sag between fixed anchor points
  • Increased support reducing pressure on cable
  • Strong heavy duty construction
One Short Circuit 8.4m,
with intermediate restraints
Two Short Circuit 8.4m,
with intermediate restraints
800mm conductor centres800mm conductor centres
1 sec1 sec
168kA Peak154kA Peak
66 kA r.m.s60 kA r.m.s
Type IEC 61914 6.1.3 Composite
Design Specification IEC 61914
Temperature for permanent application -60°C to +90°C
IEC 61914 clause
Needle Flame Test Pass - 120 seconds
IEC 61914 clause 10.0, 10.1, IEC 60695-11-5
Impact Resistance Pass - Very Heavy
IEC 61914 clause 6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2
Material 316L Stainless Steel
Liner Material FR LSF / LSOH Polymer
Cable Formation Single/Parallel
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Product Selection Table

Part No.
Cable ø range take (in.)Length (in.)Dimensions (in.)Weight (oz)
HWLL2W2base fixing ø
SSCSS-100110-4003.94 - 4.3315.757.017.5615.752.762.441 x M16154.96
SSCSS-100110-6003.94 - 4.3323.627.017.5623.622.762.441 x M16187.69
SSCSS-100110-8003.94 - 4.3331.57.017.5631.52.762.441 x M16220.39
SSCSS-110120-4004.33 - 4.7215.757.47.9515.752.762.441 x M16161.34
SSCSS-110120-6004.33 - 4.7223.627.47.9523.622.762.441 x M16195.66
SSCSS-110120-8004.33 - 4.7231.57.47.9531.52.762.441 x M16229.88
SSCSS-120130-4004.72 - 5.1215.757.88.3515.752.762.441 x M16167.59
SSCSS-120130-6004.72 - 5.1223.627.88.3523.622.762.441 x M16207.9
SSCSS-120130-8004.72 - 5.1231.57.88.3531.52.762.441 x M16239.9
SSCSS-130140-4005.12 - 5.5115.758.198.7415.752.762.441 x M16173.94
SSCSS-130140-6005.12 - 5.5123.628.198.7423.622.762.441 x M16211.89
SSCSS-130140-8005.12 - 5.5131.58.198.7431.52.762.441 x M16249.39
SSCSS-140150-4005.51 - 5.9115.758.589.1315.752.762.441 x M16180.29
SSCSS-140150-6005.51 - 5.9123.628.589.1323.622.762.441 x M16220.07
SSCSS-140150-8005.51 - 5.9131.58.589.1331.52.762.441 x M16259.55
SSCSS-150160-4005.91 - 6.3015.758.989.5315.752.762.441 x M16186.63
SSCSS-150160-6005.91 - 6.3023.628.989.5323.622.762.441 x M16227.94
SSCSS-150160-8005.91 - 6.3031.58.989.5331.52.762.441 x M16270.37
SSCSS-160170-4006.30 - 6.6915.759.379.9215.752.762.441 x M16192.98
SSCSS-160170-6006.30 - 6.6923.629.379.9223.622.762.441 x M16236.19
SSCSS-160170-8006.30 - 6.6931.59.379.9231.52.762.441 x M16280.6
SSCSS-170180-4006.69 - 7.0915.759.7610.3115.752.762.441 x M16199.26
SSCSS-170180-6006.69 - 7.0923.629.7610.3123.622.762.441 x M16243.95
SSCSS-170180-8006.69 - 7.0931.59.7610.3131.52.762.441 x M16290.59
SSSCSS-180190-4007.09 - 7.4815.7510.1610.7115.752.762.441 x M16205.72
SSCSS-180190-6007.09 - 7.4823.6210.1610.7123.622.762.441 x M16253.58
SSCSS-180190-8007.09 - 7.4831.510.1610.7131.52.762.441 x M16300.96
SSCSS-190200-4007.48 - 7.8715.7510.5511.115.752.762.441 x M16212.14
SSCSS-190200-6007.48 - 7.8723.6210.5511.123.622.762.441 x M16261.63
SSCSS-190200-8007.48 - 7.8731.510.5511.131.52.762.441 x M16310.59
Part No.
Cable ø range take mmLength (mm)Dimensions mmWeight (g)
HWLL2W2base fixing ø
SSCSS-100110-400100-11040017819240070621 x M164393
SSCSS-100110-600100-11060017819260070621 x M165321
SSCSS-100110-800100-11080017819280070621 x M166248
SSCSS-110120-400110-12040018820240070621 x M164574
SSCSS-110120-600110-12060018820260070621 x M165547
SSCSS-110120-800110-12080018820280070621 x M166517
SSCSS-120130-400120-13040019821240070621 x M164751
SSCSS-120130-600120-13060019821260070621 x M165894
SSCSS-120130-800120-13080019821280070621 x M166801
SSCSS-130140-400130-14040020822240070621 x M164931
SSCSS-130140-600130-14060020822260070621 x M166007
SSCSS-130140-800130-14080020822280070621 x M167070
SSCSS-140150-400140-15040021823240070621 x M165111
SSCSS-140150-600140-15060021823260070621 x M166239
SSCSS-140150-800140-15080021823280070621 x M167358
SSCSS-150160-400150-16040022824240070621 x M165291
SSCSS-150160-600150-16060022824260070621 x M166462
SSCSS-150160-800150-16080022824280070621 x M167665
SSCSS-160170-400160-17040023825240070621 x M165471
SSCSS-160170-600160-17060023825260070621 x M166696
SSCSS-160170-800160-17080023825280070621 x M167955
SSCSS-170180-400170-18040024826240070621 x M165649
SSCSS-170180-600170-18060024826260070621 x M166916
SSCSS-170180-800170-18080024826280070621 x M168238
SSSCSS-180190-400180-19040025827240070621 x M165832
SSCSS-180190-600180-19060025827260070621 x M167189
SSCSS-180190-800180-19080025827280070621 x M168532
SSCSS-190200-400190-20040026828240070621 x M166014
SSCSS-190200-600190-20060026828260070621 x M167417
SSCSS-190200-800190-20080026828280070621 x M168805

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