Conqueror Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hinged Cable Cleat

Conqueror has been designed to suit a wide cable range take, allowing one cleat to fit a much broader range of cable sizes than a conventional fixed hinge cable cleat.

A common problem when ordering cable is that the actual outer cable diameter may vary from the nominal size by as much as 5%. If the cable diameter is at the upper or lower limit of a fixed hinge cable cleats range, this could result in the cleat being either too small or too large to properly restrain the cables. When this happens during a project, especially one situated in a remote location, there will be delays and additional costs to re-order cleats of the correct size.

The Conqueror can easily cope with these size fluctuations, reducing the need for multiple cleat sizes to safely clamp the cables. The simple and easy-to-use adjustable hinge of the conqueror cable cleat allows each of the 16 sizes to provide a cable range take of 9mm, almost twice that of other fixed hinge cable cleats.

The Conqueror cable cleats are metallic cable cleats designed, constructed, and tested in accordance with the International Standard ‘cable cleats for Electrical Installations’ IEC 61914. The Conqueror cable cleat has been designed to restrain a large cable range take,
and tested for exceptionally high short circuit conditions on cables held in trefoil application / formation, to ensure the securing and retention of cables without damage.

Conqueror is unique with its patent pending adjustable hinge. The movement of this hinge virtually doubles the range take adjustment when compared to other fixed hinged products on the market. Conqueror covers a range of cable diameters from 19mm up to 130mm in only 15 sizes. The cable cleat is fabricated from 316L stainless steel, giving it high creep strength whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance in the harshest of environments.

The Conqueror cable cleat has one M12 and two M10 fixing clearance holes within its base, allowing versatility to the installer during installation, and is designed to enable the product to be secured to a variety of mounting surfaces. The cable cleat hinge opens fully, allowing the cables to be easily placed within the cable cleat, to aid the installer before closing and securing via the mouth piece bolt.

The Conqueror cable cleats come with a liner as standard which help to restrain the cable(s) within vertical applications. The liner also provides a layer of protection between the cable sheath and the cable cleat during normal operation, where thermal elongation of cables occurs. This additional layer protects the cable from chafing on any mounting surface due to differential movements such as those found in marine and offshore applications. The liners also assist in the extra protection of cable(s) in the event of short circuit fault conditions. The standard
liners supplied are classified as Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free.


  • Third party certification to IEC 61914
  • 316L stainless steel
  • 23-130mm in 15 sizes for trefoil formation /application
  • Short circuit rating of 170kA peak fault
  • Operating temperature -60°C to +60°C
  • Liners are classified as Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free
  • Combined single (M12) and two bolt (M10) fixing design

Patents granted: AU 2012307290, DE 2571124, ES 2571124, FR 2571124, IT 2571124, NL 2571124, NO 2571124, SG 11201400300U, SG 11201506573Q, TR 2571124, GB 2571124, US 9106069, US 9551438

Short Circuit Testing to IEC 61914 - Clause 9.5
Trefoil Formation
One short circuit 300mm fixed cleat centres Two short circuits 300mm fixed cleat centres One short circuit 600mm fixed cleat centres One short circuit 600mm fixed cleat centres Two short circuits 600mm fixed cleat centres
0.1 sec 1 sec 0.1 sec 3 sec 1 sec
170kA Peak 90kA Peak 131kA Peak 61kA Peak 80kA Peak
77.3kA RMS 43.2kA RMS 59.6kA RMS29.1kA RMS 38.1kA RMS
300mm Conqueror RTSS (0.1 sec)
Cable OD (mm)Peak kA
Type 6.1.3 Composite RTSS - Range Taking Stainless Steel
Design Specification IEC 61914
Temperature for permanent application -60°C to +60°C
IEC 61914 clause 6.2
Needle Flame Test Pass - 120 second flame application time
IEC 61914 clause 10.0, 10.1, IEC 60695-11-5
Lateral Load Test Refer to CMP Products, IEC 61914 clause 9.3
Axial Load Test 0.9kN - 1.1kN, IEC 61914 clause 9.4
Impact Resistance Pass - Very heavy
IEC 61914 clause 6.3, 6.3.5, 9.2
Material 316L Stainless Steel with Standard Liner
Standard liners are classified as Low Smoke & Fume (LSF), Zero Halogen (LS0H) and Phosphorus Free
UL Certificate 20181221_E490770
UL Compliance Standards UL 2239, CSA C22.2 No. 18.4-15

Coatings are available upon request by adding the following suffixes to the ordering reference – EC for epoxy coating, PC for polyester coating and TC for thermoplastic coating. Example order reference for epoxy coating suffix EC (RTSS065074EC). Fasteners required to secure the cable cleat to the support structure are not included but can be supplied upon request. Isolation/separation pads (to prevent corrosion between two dissimilar metals) are not included but can be supplied on request - see isolation / seperation page.

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Product Selection Table

Conqueror Part No.Cable Ø Range Take (in.)Dimensions (in.)Weight (oz)
WHDPFixing Hole Ø
RTSS0230320.906 - 1.2604.8033.8982.1260.9842 x M101 x M1217.95
RTSS0300391.181 - 1.5354.9614.3702.1260.9842 x M101 x M1218.84
RTSS0370461.457 - 1.8115.1974.6062.1260.9842 x M101 x M1219.65
RTSS0440531.732 - 2.0875.9455.0392.1261.9692 x M101 x M1223.85
RTSS0510602.008 - 2.3626.0635.4722.1261.9692 x M101 x M1224.48
RTSS0580672.283 - 2.6386.1815.9452.1261.9692 x M101 x M1225.64
RTSS0650742.559 - 2.9136.9296.4172.1262.9532 x M101 x M1229.59
RTSS0720812.835 - 3.1897.1656.8902.1262.9532 x M101 x M1230.55
RTSS0790883.110 - 3.4657.5207.4802.1262.9532 x M101 x M1231.75
RTSS0860953.386 - 3.7408.5047.9532.1262.9532 x M101 x M1236.09
RTSS0931023.661 - 4.0168.7408.4652.1262.9532 x M101 x M1237.04
RTSS1001093.937 - 4.291 8.9768.9762.1262.9532 x M101 x M1238.06
RTSS1071164.213 - 4.56710.0009.4882.1262.9532 x M101 x M1242.29
RTSS1141234.448 - 4.84310.11810.0002.1262.9532 x M101 x M1243.32
RTSS1211304.764 - 5.11810.55110.5122.1262.9532 x M101 x M1244.27
Conqueror Part No.Cable Ø Range Take (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (g)
WHDPFixing Hole Ø
RTSS02303223-321229954252 x M101 x M12509
RTSS03003930-3912611154252 x M101 x M12534
RTSS03704637-4613211754252 x M101 x M12557
RTSS04405344-5315112854502 x M101 x M12676
RTSS05106051-6015413954502 x M101 x M12694
RTSS05806758-6715715154502 x M101 x M12727
RTSS06507465-7417616354752 x M101 x M12839
RTSS07208172-8118217554752 x M101 x M12866
RTSS07908879-8819119054752 x M101 x M12900
RTSS08609586-9521620254752 x M101 x M121023
RTSS09310293-10222221554752 x M101 x M121050
RTSS100109100-10922822854752 x M101 x M121079
RTSS107116107-11625424154752 x M101 x M121199
RTSS114123114-12325725454752 x M101 x M121228
RTSS121130121-13026826754752 x M101 x M121255

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