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The Santa Express

CMP Deliver Christmas with The Santa Express

For Christmas 2017, Santa Clause is trading in his sleigh for The Santa Express, a fast and very festive steam train, purpose built by CMP.

The Santa Express will showcase CMP’s range of festive-period-approved products, designed specifically for use on Christmas Eve.

In order to ensure a smooth run on Santa’s busiest night of the year, the train has an in-built snow deluge protection system, and has been independently elf-tested – certified for use in the frostiest environments.

Metal-to-metal carriages allow for heavy present loads and its superior EMC (Elf-tastic Merry Christmas) performance provides lightning fast delivery time.

Look out for CMP’s Santa Express on 24th December 2017 as its journey progresses all around the world.

Elf TestedFestive-period-approved for worldwide delivery
Deluge Protection ComplianceIn-built snow deluge protection system
Christmas CarriagesMetal-to-metal carriages for heavy present loads
EMC RatingSuperior EMC performance (Elf-tastic Merry Christmas)