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The CMP range of Cable Connectors & Cable Glands for Hazardous and Wet Locations are versatile enough to meet virtually all situations where flexible and non flexible cables are used instead of pipe conduit systems.

Designed for both offshore and onshore requirements the options available cover Armoured, Armored & Jacketed and Non-Armored (e.g. IEEE45) Types and also Interlocked or Corrugated Continuously Welded MC (or MC-HL), and Teck cables.


Solutions for virtually all-conceivable cables permitted for use in hazardous locations when installed in both Class / Divisions and Class / Zones classification concepts.

Specifications & Approvals

CMP Hazardous Location Cable Connectors comply with prevailing UL, ISA & ANSI Standards and meet the requirements of NEC and CEC installation code requirements. In addition product compliance with ABS and US Coast Guards USCG14CFR requirements is also offered.

 North American Specification Stock Cable Connectors

B2KX Cable Connector

C2KX Cable Connector

D3CDS Cable Connector

T3CDS Cable Connector

PX2K-REX Cable Connector

PX2KX Cable Connector

PX2KX-REX Cable Connector

PX2KW-REX Cable Connector

PXRC-REX Cable Connector

PXSS2K Cable Connector

PXSS2K-REX Cable Connector

TC Cable Connector

TMC Cable Connector

TMC2 Cable Connector

TMC2X Cable Connector

TMCX Cable Connector

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