Triton (T3CDS) In Depth Application - Special Conditions for Safe Use

There are two special conditions for safe use detailed in the ATEX / CENELEC hazardous area certification for the TRITON CDS cable gland. The first, which is a condition applied to all non-compound filled solutions from all cable gland manufacturers, is as follows:

"In respect of Direct Entry Ex d situations, the Type T3CDS Cable Gland shall not be used with Group IIC Enclosures that have a free volume that exceeds 2000 cm3 "

The second is where CMP Products take the lead, which details the maximum temperature rating applicable specifically to this range of cable glands, which far exceeds that of it's competitors nearest equivalent standard product, and is:

"The Type T3CDS Cable Gland shall not be used on enclosures where the temperature, at the point of mounting, exceeds 130°C"

It is important to note that unlike it's nearest rivals the CMP TRITON CDS product does not have a limitation for safe use in respect of external cable clamping, which makes this product the most versatile Cable Gland solution of it's type available.

The TRITON CDS product has fewer Special Conditions for Safe Use than any other Deluge Proof Cable Gland.

As all Special Conditions for Safe Use should be considered and taken into account during the selection process for any hazardous area equipment, CMP promote the following recommendation. Please ask for this information from all manufacturers in advance of purchasing product, before it is too late!