Triton (T3CDS) In Depth Information

Installation Ease, Crucial Cable Care

As a market leading manufacturer of safety critical cable glands used for terminating cables in highly arduous and hazardous conditions, CMP Products has introduced a solution that addresses the needs of global users and their sub-contractors.

Using feedback from major contractors and both existing and potential clients, CMP has developed a concept that delivers a Right First Time assembly technique leaving no doubt by the user that a correct installation has been achieved. Taking into account a number of factors including typical fabrication and construction site conditions, a varying proportion of hired in contract labour, and the need for clear training instructions, CMP provides the answer to a real problem that is not usually recognised until the installation is in progress. CMP suggets that if a detailed product evaluation is carried out based on technical and practical benefits, with good engineering practices in mind, then Triton CDS would be the regular choice of many engineers in the future.


Figure 1 :
Shows the triton CDS System in a relaxed state
Figure 2 :
Shows the Triton CDS System when a large diameter cabe is installed, & the CDS compensator is effected to it's greatest extent

No Need To Understand Them ?

There was a period of time in the past when electrical installers had a motto relating to cable and cable glands.

'No need to understand them, just pull them and dress them and gland them. Some glands you can tighten until they squeel."

Whilst changes have occurred in product design, standards and expectations of correct custom & working practices have also needed to be addressed. Whilst the former statement above cannot be advocated today, as the user must have a clear understanding of what he is doing, the Triton CDS product is designed specifically to be tightened 'face to face' on assembly. As a consequence the product eliminates the question of "How far do I tighten it up?" and the user is able to continue working on the job in hand with ultimate confidence.

Taking a crucial cable care principal into account in its design, this concept leaves nothing to chance yet delivers the ultimate in assembly and installation simplicity that guarantees a safety level that is unsurpassed by its rivals.

This latest development in a long line of original cable gland solutions from CMP Products is designed and fully approved to the latest European Normatives (EN) EN 50014, EN 50018, EN 50019 & EN 50281. TRITON CDS complies fully with the Essential Health & Safety Requirements detailed in Annex II of Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) in relation to the design and construction of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This compliance covers not only the traditional protection required against ignition of Gas and Vapours, but also the latest Dust Hazard protection. This enables the product to be CE marked and coded with an ATEX Category 2 Gas and Dust marking, and it is effectively labelled Ex II 2 GD. Close consideration should go to the fact that TRITON CDS has been tested and approved with the minimum level of limitations of certification possible, pertinently the fewest on the market - without any equal.