In the event that a new high profile “Greenfield” project was to be developed, a major operating company may wish to go to extreme lengths in evaluating vendor prior to confirming contract award. This may incorporate a complete and comprehensive risk assessment process. The reasons for the implementation of such a demanding examination of risk can be explained by the factors detailed below :-
  • Environmentally sensitive project
  • Major Capital Investment
  • First time operation or new Joint Venture
  • Changes in technological know how
  • Increase in the extremes of operating conditions.
  • New Project - First Venture in New Territory
  • New Challenge – everything re-evaluated
  • Success of the venture under close scrutiny

The scope of the Risk Assessment Process may take into account the following :-

Commercial Evaluation Technical Evaluation
Availability Analysis
Reliability Analysis
Supply Chain Management
Ability to manage
Project Quality Process
Project management of Change Process
Commercial assurance / warranty
Parent Company Guarantee
Compliance with latest standards
Specification, functionality, & reliability.
Compatibility & integrity of certification
Compatibility with specified cable type.
Cable & gland management process.
Package & site installation management.
Reliability & Maintainability
Previous track record.
Long term performance
Project Risk Management

Cable & Gland Management

Close co-operation between project engineers, cable, and cable gland vendors.

Installation Technique & Training
  • Eliminate the possibility of incorrect assembly in the cable gland design.
  • Adopt a simple and less scientific approach for Installation Personnel.
  • Project personnel to be properly trained & certificated, fully documenting this.
  • Training to be given to package vendors, & sub-vendors as well as main fabricators.
  • Follow up Inspection / Verification exercise to be implemented in conjunction with vendor.
  • Vendor to act on behalf of client whilst carrying out its duties, during this process.