In order to provide an operation that can function in the safest possible manner the protection of workers, the environment, and the plant itself relies upon three key ingredients in the development and planning stage of a new plant project. These are :-
  1. The reduction in risk by the plant designers taking all hazard risks into account.
  2. The installation of the electrical apparatus in a non-Explosive Atmosphere, or if this is not possible in the least Explosive Atmosphere.
  3. The electrical apparatus and its wiring and connections shall be designed, installed, operated and maintained in such a way to prevent it from becoming a source of ignition.
Furthermore in respect of the electrical equipment that is installed, the following should also be observed :-
  1. The construction and installation should comply with the appropriate regulations and requirements for installation in non-hazardous or industrial installations.
  2. The electrical equipment must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and also any limitations of the corresponding certification documentation.
  3. On completion of the construction and installation an initial inspection shall be carried out.

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