CMP Mission Statements
Mission Statements

As a leading manufacturer of metallic cable glands for the global market, CMP Products is committed to ensuring it remains the number one choice in its field:CMP will retain its status as the number one supplier by continually striving to achieve standards of excellence in our company through the continuous improvement of our processes and functions. It is only by achieving this that CMP will be able to offer unrivalled customer service throughout the globe.

In order to achieve these goals CMP Products has set itself the following targets for the medium term;

  • To continually improve our product offering through research and development and innovative design. Our target is to lead the field in cable connector technology.
  • To incur substantial investment in manufacturing techniques, IT systems and training in order to ensure CMP Products can offer unparalleled levels of quality and customer service.
  • To develop strategic alliances with distributors and end-users across the globe in order to provide our products with access to a strategic global distribution network.

Within the framework of these objectives CMP Products will offer salaries and wages commensurate with experience, responsibility, skill and endeavour, whilst seeking to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Vision Statement

To elevate the customer to the centre of our activities and to employ our endeavour to bring about a positive experience for everyone