The following information is intended as a guide to provide a minimum insight into Hazardous Area Equipment concepts and practice. National or International guidelines and/or Codes of Practice for Hazardous Area installations should always be referenced to ensure compliance with specific local requirements.

In Europe the latest industry standard or Code of Practice for the selection and installation of electrical apparatus in flammable atmospheres is EN 60079-14 which reflects the global standard IEC 60079-14. Before putting equipment into service, users must familiarize themselves with the relevant codes of practice and construction standards applicable to their territorial operations, as well as the specific product certification details. Any Technical Product Data and Installation instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer should also be taken into consideration.

Equipment Manufacturers, who may have a general understanding of Hazardous Area regulations and practices, may give limited advice on requirements related to their own product range but beyond that further expert assistance should be sought.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to presume that personnel working in these areas and who may be responsible for installations, or guiding others in such installations, are fully qualified, with the necessary level of competency in this specialist field. It should be noted that in normal circumstances it is the Plant Owner or Operator (or the User) who must take full responsibility for the safe operation of the plant, and in this respect they should be well acquainted with prevailing regulations pertinent to their situation.

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