Codes of practice have been established for the classification of potential hazards and the selection, installation and maintenance of suitable equipment to protect against these hazards. The codes of practice may be locally, nationally or internationally recognised documents. The codes of practice will list the generic methods of protection which may be used to achieve an acceptable level of safety.

In Europe the latest industry standard or Code of Practice for the classification of Explosive Atmospheres is EN 60079-10 (See also IEC 60079-10). Similarly the code of practice for the selection, installation, and maintenance of electrical apparatus in flammable atmospheres can be found under EN 60079-14 (See also IEC 60079-14).

Codes of practice in the USA & Canada, which have differed largely from the unified EN & IEC standards, define the permitted use of electrical equipment and approved wiring methods in industry. The standard reference document for electrical installation is the National Electric Code (NEC) in USA and the Canadian Electric Code (CEC) in Canada.

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