Adaptors & Reducers


The CMP range of Thread Conversion Adaptors, Reducers and associated products are available for use in Industrial, Marine and Hazardous Area applications, and are particularly suited to construction projects where a high volume of cables of all types and sizes are being installed. When the cable gland fits the cable but its connecting thread differs from that of the equipment the best solution may be to use a CMP thread conversion adaptor, especially when schedules are critical and time is of the essence. CMP thread conversion adaptors and reducers offer the flexibility of allowing the job to progress by using a standard off the shelf product to save time and ultimate cost compared with modifying hole sizes in equipment.


In addition to Thread Conversion Adaptors and Reducers, CMP Products also provides, Unions, Stopper Plugs, Breather / Drain Plugs and Insulated Adaptors. All products in this range are available in a variety of materials, both metallic and non-metallic, and can be supplied in a combination of different thread forms and sizes including Metric, PG, NPT, BSP etc.

Specifications & Approvals

CMP Industrial, Marine and Hazardous Area Thread Conversion Adaptors, Reducers, Stopper Plugs and Breather Drain Plugs comply with the latest IEC standards and are offered with certification from a host of internationally recognised bodies. This range of certification includes ATEX, IEC Ex, CSA, UL, GOST R. GOST K and more.