747 Series Stopper Plugs

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Stopper Plug Type 747 with Flameproof Ex d form of protection, with and without Tamper-proof facility.

The CMP Type 747 range of Flameproof Ex d Stopper Plugs is designed to provide a permanent or temporary means of blanking unused cable entry holes in Flameproof enclosures enabling the equipment to be safely deployed in the hazardous area. A General Purpose Industrial version is also available.

This product utilises a unique Compensating Displacement Seal (CDS) system which provides full compatibility with Restricted Breathing equipment that rely upon flammable gases being excluded from the main enclosure.

Always inserted from the outside of the enclosure, these stopper Plugs are available with both external (Type A) and internal (Type B) Allen Key facility. The 747 Type B Stopper Plug is considered as tamper-proof since it can only be removed from the inside, after the equipment has been de-energised and the terminal chamber cover removed.

CMP Type 747 Stopper Plugs are available in Brass, Aluminium, or Stainless Steel and can be supplied for both Industrial and Hazardous Area applications, with a variety of thread forms and sizes, including NPT. Please refer to Table D on the Ordering Definitions page detailed below

747 Series Stopper Plugs Table

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Ordering Reference Thread Size Minimum Thread Length Allen Key Size A/F
747DAM1 M16 X 1.5 15.0 M8
747DAM2 M20 X 1.5 15.0 M10
747DAM3 M25 X 1.5 15.0 M10
747DAM4 M32 X 1.5 15.0 M10
747DAM5 M40 X 1.5 15.0 M10
747DAM6 M50 X 1.5 15.0 M10
747DAM7 M63 X 1.5 15.0 M14
747DAM8 M75 X 1.5 15.0 M14
747DAM9 M90 X 2.0 15.0 M14
747DAM10 M100 x 2.0 15.0 M14
Dimensions are displayed in millimetres unless otherwise stated

Note:Marked with ATEX, IECEx and cCSAus certification details as standard.. # Other thread variations are available.

Ordering Reference Thread Size Minimum Thread Length Allen Key Size A/F
747DAM1 M16 X 0.059 0.394 M8
747DAM2 M20 X 0.059 0.394 M10
747DAM3 M25 X 0.059 0.394 M10
747DAM4 M32 X 0.059 0.394 M10
747DAM5 M40 X 0.059 0.394 M10
747DAM6 M50 X 0.059 0.394 M10
747DAM7 M63 X 0.059 0.394 M14
747DAM8 M75 X 0.059 0.394 M14
747DAM9 M90 X 0.079 0.591 M14
747DAM10 M100 x 0.079 0.591 M14
Dimensions are displayed in inches unless otherwise stated

NOTE:Marked with ATEX, IECEx and cCSAus certification details as standard. # Other thread variations are available.

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cCSAus Approval Certificate No. 1055233
cCSAus Code of Protection Category Ex de II; Class I, Groups A, B, C and D; Class I, Zone 1, AEx de II; IP66, 67, and 68, Enclosure Type 4X
cCSAus Compliance Standards C22.2 No. 0.5-M1982, C22.2 No. 30-M1986, C22.2 No. 94-M1991,CAN/CSA E60079-0:07, CAN/CSA E60079-1:07,CAN/CSA E60079-7:02, UL Standard 50, Eleventh Edition, UL Standard 1203, Fourth Edition, UL 60079-0, Fourth Edition, UL 60079-1, Fifth Edition, UL 60079-7, First Edition
GOST R Certificate Number POCC GB.HO06.B00207
GOST R Code of Protection Category Ex d IIC / Ex e II / DIP A21
GOST R Compliance Standards ГOCT P 52350.0-2005, ГOCT P 52350.1-2005,
ГOCT P 52350.7-2005, ГOCT MЭK 61241-1-1-99
GOST GGTN Permit PPC 00-40706
GOST K Certificate Number KZ 75000361 01 01 14761
RoK Permit For Use Number 19-02-UL-1957
Lloyds Approval No. 01/00173
DNV Approval No. E-10496
ABS Approval No. 01-LD234401C/1-PDA
INMETRO Approval Certificate Number. TUV 12.1333 X
INMETRO Code of Protection Category BR-Ex d IIC / BR-Ex e II
INMETRO Compliance Standards ABNT NBR IEC 60079-0:2006, IEC 60079-1:2007 e IEC 60079-2007:2001
NEPSI Certificate Number GYJ091017X
NEPSI Code of Protection Category Ex d IIC / Ex e II
NEPSI Compliance Standards GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2003, GB3836.3-2000
RETIE Approval Number 03866
Type 747 (Type A & Type B)
Design Specification BS 6121:Part 1:1989, EN 50262:1999
ATEX Certification Detail SIRA01ATEX1284U, SIRA02ATEX1003X
ATEX Code of Protection Category ATEX ATEX Approved IM2 Ex d I, Ex e I; ATEX ATEX Approved II 2 Ex d IIC, Ex e II
ATEX Compliance Standards EN 60079-0, 1, 7, EN 61231-0,1
IEC Ex Certification Detail IEC Ex SIR07.0056X
IEC Ex Code of Protection Category Ex d I, Ex e I, Ex d IIC, Ex e II, Ex tD A21 IP6X
IEC Ex Compliance Standards IEC 60079-0, 1, 7, IEC 61231-0,1
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +200°C
Ingress Protection Rating IP66
Materials Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Accessories Serrated Washer, Earth Tag, Locknut, Entry Thread Sealing Washer

Note: How to order - e.g. 747DAM31 = Haz Area -Type A-M25-Aluminium Note: For Tamper Proof Type B Stopper Plugs please substitute the letter A with the letter B in the ordering reference list Other thread variations available on request. Please refer to the ordering guide tables detailed in the file "Ordering Definitions".

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